How to Get HOA Approval with a Low Credit Score

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January 19, 2022
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RE Q&A: A potential condo buyer avoids credit cards and debt, but is financially secure. How can she make that clear to an HOA board that considers credit scores?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Question: I am having trouble getting approved to buy a condo due to my lack of credit. I do not use a credit card and have more than enough money saved up to purchase my new home without a mortgage. Because I have no debt, my credit score is low and I am being denied approval by the association. What can I do? – Rose

Answer: Many community associations have the right to screen prospective buyers. While an association may not discriminate, it can look at income, credit scores and other objective factors.

While it is commendable to have no debt and avoid the temptations that come with credit cards, a solid credit score is helpful. For example, your credit history can be used to determine the price you pay for insurance and, as you have found out, whether you can purchase a new home. There are reasons why a credit score can indicate whether someone will timely pay their association dues.

Even so, the system is far from perfect, as you know.

Your first step is to speak with the association and explain why your credit score is low. Ask them to look beyond the score at the details.

Another option is offering to prepay a year of association dues to alleviate any concerns. Because you are not a member of the association, it does not have to deal with you, so you should get the seller involved to lobby for your approval.

I have found that most associations will take a deeper look and work with a prospective buyer in situations such as yours.

If this does not work, you may need to look for a condo in a more flexible community. Each association has different standards, and some do not even look at credit scores.

Another option is to build your credit score. Plenty of resources will walk you through establishing credit to raise your score quickly.

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