Elif Seda

LIC. Real Estate Agent
Seda brings to the table an extensive marketing and business background. She holds a Marketing Degree from UC Berkeley, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Istanbul University. Seda worked in the entertainment business for more than 15 years. Through the years, she made friends and contacts all over the world due to the nature of the business. Originally from Turkey, Seda speaks English and Turkish. She lived both in Istanbul and Miami and was frequently traveling to other countries for business purposes such as film markets and festivals. Three years ago, Seda decided to change her career path and move to Miami full time, where she began to pursue a career in Real Estate. Her educational background, combined with her years of international experience, have allowed Seda to develop a keen eye for business, and help her international clients reach their real estate goals. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.